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Reviews for "Mario Versus Tetris"

The Idea is well thought of, but there is no real quality.
Mario stands atop the ground, the Explosions look like if theyre drawn with Microsoft Paint and the story is pointless.

I think your on your way

I know this isnt the best mario flash and its far from perfect, but i gave it a 4 because you put effort into this. Most of the mario flash lovers have seen submissions that look like they were put on here just to piss the viewers off. To be honest, for your first sprite flash its not bad. However, if your going to use sprites you might want to use sprite backgrounds also. To me, putting sprites in handrawn backgrounds and senery looks really sloppy. The animations are the biggest thing you need to focus on, as they are the key aset to any sprite flash. Work on making the sprites flow more smoothly so it doesnt look they're warping. Good luck with any future submissions bud. I hope to see progress on em.

lol... just lol...

You get a 3/5 but only because the part when koopa died was so frikkin pointless and badly done... I almost wet my pants!

(Oh and im not sure if its just me... but for sum reason... I cudnt hear anything)

I think, once you are better at making flashes and had a bit of practice... you should definately come back and remake the whole Mario vs tetris thing. Is an awesome idea... but why L killed Luigi i dont get? Maybe Luigi's name beginning with L had summin to do with it? *Shrug*

Saw it finally!!!

Ha! wow... why did koopa die so soon. anyway i hope the secound one is better. im givin you this for quality and somewhat... very poor action. stilll like it though!

Not bad.

It need a bit more of a story and should be a bit faster but its good for what it is right now.

I hope to see the next installment soon! ^^