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Reviews for "Squidgy"

Loved it

It somewhat reminded me of asteroids, but was great none the less.

I had problems where it lagged terribly at places, but i think that was more to do with my computer being complete crap to be honest. So.

Well done!

omg... best arcade game this year so far!

holy man!

I never had so much fun playing unique arcade game since DestrucoTank of 2007,
which is the best arcade game of that year! You rocks!

beautiful and very simple and very very spacey and acidic! It is very excellent
tribute to the arcade games of old. Though the problem is that it is very hard to
see the cursor on the game, since it blend too well with the background.

excellent high-quality sound and catching retro musics that's very fitting to
space theme from retro games

very easy to learn and play and very very addicting. There is undeniable charm
to the cute green blob as it bounce very wackily around the screen and there is
too much fun bouncing back and forth, destroying enemies by ramming into
them. Also, very nice job with having to hit multiples enemies within short time
to earn combo and losing it when you take damage. Also, on second playthrough,
I easily mastered the tactics of wall-slamming which maintain speed and
momentum while increasing the fun factor of blazing speeds and wild destruction.
It so wild... it makes my eyes happy...

for best arcade game so far this year, you get 10 for very retro fun and eye candy!

Best Game Ever

However, there is a glitch on level 12 on Easy
it freezes my Pc whenever my score multiplier thingy (the 100-1000 bar on the right) reaches 500
check that little bug
but seriously dude
you, and your game rock


I like this game is the best game I've played on this year


Wow so cute,I love it,simple graphic's n easy game play :)