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Reviews for "Squidgy"

Pretty Slick.

Game is really fun to play. Controls are easy and the physics are fun to play with.


Nice concept, good execution!

It's a good game, with a nice concept and smooth, yet fast-paced action. Pretty addictive. The graphics are simple and slick; it should be that way, because in games like this lag is not an option! =p

The sound was too repetitive; if it had at least more than one song, the game wouldn't become boring so fast, but it did. The difficulty curve could happen faster (so that it wouldn't take too much time for the game to get harder and harder), but it still worked pretty well.

The controls were fit like a glove, and worked really well. It's one of these games to be played as a pastime activity, and I enjoy that. The sound being its only problem, this game definitely deserves a good score. Congratulations.

easy fun

this game is so simple yet i cant stop playing. if there was just a little more to the game id give it a 10, but i honestly dont know what i would add. I could see people getting bored with it after awhile but it worth ur time to check it out.

Mindless but fun

I like the way the game plays, and the graphics are really nice. There's only one problem with the presentation here: the enemy bullets are the same color as everything else, making them extremely hard to see (and thus, avoid). Overall, though, nice job!

more or less

its good but it have no end