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Reviews for "Squidgy"

Squidgy - Review

Rather average, purdy hard at some points. 6/10 and 3/5

Liked it!

Very fun for a tablet user :D

At the same time, I agree with other reviewers that the bullets were a little hard to spot when the going got fast.

I also think that alexmrg's suggestion of being able to knock enemies into each other is a good one, but I can also see that this would be quite a lot of work.

Overall it was fun, but after completing the game on easy I didn't really want to go through it again on the harder levels.


very nice music and a sort of soothing and it makes you want to keep playing it.
but those bullets need some more work because it is hard to see them when youre busy smashing their heads in with that spungy thingy:P


Very nice game, I liked it. Although I think you gotta make the bullets more visible.

easy fun

this game is so simple yet i cant stop playing. if there was just a little more to the game id give it a 10, but i honestly dont know what i would add. I could see people getting bored with it after awhile but it worth ur time to check it out.