Reviews for "Just a Strawberryclock"

it was good...

it was good, but.. needs improvement. you raelly must add something more than just a loop. make a thing that will continue teh song, and will match with it, like in teh start, i liked it! and make it so, that an adventure is going on here, or at least add something more to it, it must not be just a loop. it must be... a music vid? i dont know, but you must add more, maybe strawberry clock dancing?

theicecubeclock2 responds:

plz note part beofr it loops, SBC dancing with oragne jammin it out.
strawberryclock is the king of the portal, everybody loves strawberryclock

It was a steaming pile.

(Call me the Star-Nazi)

Sorry, it was horrible. It was univentive, unorigonal. Lacking energy and looked like it was put together in 5 minutes with very little or no effort at all.

theicecubeclock2 responds:

what kind of peice of shit esablishment is this? FUCK OFF AND LET ME BE!

Strawberry Clock is King of the Portal.

Everyone loves strawberry clock. You cannot fathom the powers that strawberry clock possesses. Strawberry clock is the leader. Orange clock, raspberry clock, and apple clock are his followers. Only they can really see the genius that is strawberry clock. Tom fulp is not the king of the portal. Strawberry clock is king of the portal. Tom fulp is merely a vessel strawberry clock uses to display his awesome flash movies. Tom fulp and newgrounds should appreciate the genius that is strawberry clock. You should vote five on all of his movies. You cannot kill strawberry clock. Strawberry clock is king of the portal.

theicecubeclock2 responds:

strawberryclock is the king of the portal everybody loves strawberryclock

it was not that good

but it has potential because it features Strawberry Clock The King of The Portal

theicecubeclock2 responds:

damn straight :3