Reviews for "Welcome to Newgrounds!"

good sum-up.

The music with BBR's name fitted rather appropriately, methinks...roflcake.


Nice! That Gavin dude back there is retarded. I am noobish and I am proud because that video made me feel that way. Good luck with another submission!

That was pretty funny

I liked the bit with the BBS and the Slipknot-esque music. Also Microsoft Elios.

Elios responds:

Slipknot rocks! Thanks for the review.

wow dude

i can really relate to this i joined like a long long time ago and i never really knew newgrounds. but this really opened my eyes wow thank u thatskoool.
also joxkornerstudios, you are the biggest nooob ever ui agree with guy over here
you noob take it way tooo seriuosly but that doesnt matter the only thing that matters is that this vid kicks but!!!! i added to faves :D everyone who reads this is awesome...must...vote 5 everyday yay u are awesome

This is

so true you have gotten everything right some parts are funny too because they're so true 10!