Reviews for "Welcome to Newgrounds!"


this wuz awsome i like the the little interlude of slipknot music \,,/><\,,/ (disasterpiece for those of u that dont know) so fuckin awsomw subbmision.

Elios responds:

Actually the song was "The Heratic Anthem". D is also a great song too. Thanks for the 10! :D


No "He-ey Senri is online!"?

Still it was good. Hopefully the people who should see it do.

Elios responds:

Well i did the "Dartboard method" and pointed at a name of someone who was online. And i pointed at RedCoin.

Hopefully this gets a little spotlight. Thanks for the 8!

Well done!

Nice job explaining Newgrounds.

Elios responds:

Thanks Wade! I think this can really help Newgrounds by providing new users with some guidance and information.

helpful and funny

i notice that at the end when you were about to say newgrounds.com it got cut off

Elios responds:

I fixed it!

Great work

Me being a noob i learned a lot thanks 5 out 0f 5 also the idea was great

Elios responds:

You're welcome!