Reviews for "Welcome to Newgrounds!"

Simple, effective, humourous, a delight!

Oooh, you have an excellent... tutorial-type voice. Clean and clear!
The satire and humour are also well placed.

Also: Sweet, I got mentioned!

Awsome job

Geez that was friggin hilarious!!!

Elios responds:

It's great that almost everyone can enjoy my style of humor. Thanks!

Ooooh now i understand...

Thank you Elios! You have shown me the ways of Newgrounds!

Your little sister :D



Hilarious. To me this was just going to be another boring point, click, and hover information board with a bland design when I seen this in the portal but I was sadly, sadly mistaken. Your narration mixed in with your sense of humor made this the one of the greats.

I could see this with an underdog award in a few days. 5/5

/cock sucking

Elios responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my movie. Though i'm not expecting any kind of reward for this, it would be awesome to get some recognition.


I didnt expect much out of this, but nice work!
Very funny too!

Elios responds:

I'm full of suprises. Thanks for the positive review!