Reviews for "Welcome to Newgrounds!"


great informotive video, and has a great use of humor, though theres no way im gonna be able to submit good videos without flash.
i am WAY to cheap a**
Only thing that could be improved would be guide u on what fo.rmat to use

Elios responds:

And actually, i didn't make this with flash. I used MS Paint, and Windows Movie Maker (I'm cheap too...)
Glad you like the movie!

Submitted On My Birthday!

It's very nice that you mention current events in that flash.
But the image quality could usse some work.

Nice work!

Great job explaining Newgrounds to all the new users and even to those that still don't know any better.

I am waiting for the forums to explode with '08 users, but the NaziNinja thing is still enough laughs for a while.

You get a 5 from me and a spot on my favorites! :)


i loved how be was an example of "hard work" lol

Elios responds:

Yay! You got the joke! Cookie for you. :D

Thats what I call edutament!

Very informative for plenty of noobs and just funny. How many noobs will see this and not still act like the scum they are.