Reviews for "Welcome to Newgrounds!"

Excellent work Elios.

you've certainly produced a work of flash genius that will be used by noobs for some time to come. not only is it informative, its also comical, which basically completes the entire submission.

It's okay!

For the Newgrounds N00B this is very informative however i think you could really, really sproose this up a lot more. The artork is a very poor effort however the content is strong and well planned out. I think you should make it more exciting, colourful, better to look at and maybe some navigation for what they are stuck on. However it is fine now, if I was a N00B you would of helped so you could just leave it as it is which is what I think you will do right?

Elios responds:

Besides the fact that i have absolutely nothing on my computer to make this any better than it is, i like your ideas. I'll see what i can do. Thanks.


Nice! That Gavin dude back there is retarded. I am noobish and I am proud because that video made me feel that way. Good luck with another submission!


its good for any new people plus they can get a little laugh too!

Ooooh! Quite the informative flash!

Animation wise, this isn't really great but the content inside makes up for it!

I'm gonna add this to my favourite so any noob click into my profile can check your video out!

Elios responds: