Reviews for "Welcome to Newgrounds!"

That was pretty funny

I liked the bit with the BBS and the Slipknot-esque music. Also Microsoft Elios.

Elios responds:

Slipknot rocks! Thanks for the review.


they need to listen to you badly

Elios responds:

Exactly! Someday, noobs will look up to me.

Deserved portal awards

Funny and informative, also funny and relevant.

should have some rewards or something.

Elios responds:

A small award would be nice, maybe a 5th place, i dunno.

Lots of fun and a great job!

Made me laugh in lots of parts, especially the part about Kim Possible hentai! Your voice was perfect for the narration, and it was very clear. It was simple, but yet it was funny and informative.

Good work!

I'm impressed

I thought you needed flash software to make a decent flash. You have just proved me wrong.

Alot of this is down to your gentle tone and coherency, without this, your flash would be terrible, no offence, it's the truth.

Some true laugh out loud moments there, really helpful to a new user for sure.

I can't give you a higher score simply because the animation was minimal, but the effort and work you put into this flash really shows, and that's all that matters.