Reviews for "Welcome to Newgrounds!"


That was really funny

wow dude

i can really relate to this i joined like a long long time ago and i never really knew newgrounds. but this really opened my eyes wow thank u thatskoool.
also joxkornerstudios, you are the biggest nooob ever ui agree with guy over here
you noob take it way tooo seriuosly but that doesnt matter the only thing that matters is that this vid kicks but!!!! i added to faves :D everyone who reads this is awesome...must...vote 5 everyday yay u are awesome

Sorry but no.

First off. Don't call the person who would watch it a noob. They will be called a noob enough during there stay on newgrounds, To many people probably get driven off the site from the overwhelming groups of people calling them noobs.

Second, When you embed a video, Make sure you use the wright techniques. The border of the video didn't match the border of the flash. One might say its no big deal, But Its unattractive in my opinion.

I like that you animated using paint and movie maker. It takes a lot of persistence
Animated file by file as oppose by frame by frame. and then add each frame to the timeline. I used to animate like that before I had flash!

Elios responds:

You're taking this too seriously.

This is not serious business.

very informative!

This was a very good presented flash. You explained each aspect of Newgrounds clearly without causing confusion. I liked the way you added your own sense of humor too, it certainly made me laugh!


hi elios

i love you i cannot hide my feelings anymore

Elios responds: