Reviews for "Welcome to Newgrounds!"


This is great for the people who are new to NEWGROUNDS.

Great Stuff!

It's pity and rough around the edges, and the animation, quality, and graphics aren't the best, but it's the content that matters, and that content was what made my day!

Informative and humourous

Animation:6/10: The animation isn't too impressive, but the fact that there was animation in a guide gave it an original feel. It also seemed like you made the animation in another program and imported it all into flash. I would normally give just a two for this, but the fact that it's part of a guide and that you had the obstacle of outside importing, I've added a bit to my score.

Not anything special. Quite humorous, plus remembered that cock jokes DO make your flash just that bit more humorous.

Not much to it really.

As I said above, the cockjokes are plentiful, for that you get a high mark.

Decent presentation.

No preloader. Preloaders are actually very important.

Good style. Not amazing, but good.

Violence:Not rated:
Not much of it. I won't take or add anything to the overall score.

V-Camming:Not rated:
No vCam.

The actual flash, when thought about in small chunks, wasn't too impressive, but all these chunks come together and fit together well. I've seen better but this is quite nicely executed.

The fact that animation was used in a guide breaths life into the submission. If I was still unsure about newgrounds then this would be very helpful and teach a lot. Thank you for reading this.

Very nicely created, the animation wasn't impressive, but the fact it was there breathed originality into the flash.


Yes, indeed informative, and very funny. Also, I did see that one guy who put ads on his forum signature spot that held links to kim possible hentai, he also put a picture in the forum and in the mini google search bar, we all saw "kim possible hentai" typed in there, funnier than anything in the whole world, besides this video, though.

oh yeah

all my questions are answered now. i thought this day would never come. *sniff*. very nice movie.