Reviews for "Welcome to Newgrounds!"


very informative for new users. keep it up!

Heh. Useful info...

I'll make sure to link new users to this flash.
Also, for all the newer '08/'09 users, and for the future '10, '11, '12, and so on users, Nazininja posted a topic in the BBS which was derailed on the first post and spurred a discussion on Kim Possible Hentai, which was the exact phrase found in his search bar in the screenshot he posted of 'The Bush Game".
You can thank bigbadron for the awesomeness of that thread. HOWEVER. BBR was demodded in late '07, and I only got a few moments of watching each of his locks/bans/harassment of newbies.
Graphics were bad, but audio was top notch, as was the info.
I could have used this info earlier when I was new :(

Lawls all around

I totally wanna know what Nazi Ninja did lol


couldnt be better dude great flash

This is

so true you have gotten everything right some parts are funny too because they're so true 10!