Reviews for "Welcome to Newgrounds!"


WoW elios im really surprise that you made this into a flash this a 5/5 bro

oh and another thing try to do the same thing with the old trailer and the new 1 we are working on

Great stuff!

Fun, informative, good music, and you even got a stick figure (the thing I hate the most) look kool.

good sum-up.

The music with BBR's name fitted rather appropriately, methinks...roflcake.

I suggest you find a way to export it properly.

Good vid. Humorous, and it summed NG up quite neat.
But the text from the converter took a lot off.
I suggest actually using flash for your work, and creating a little icon for on this very page here.
If that would be done, it would've been a 9.

Good luck!


I shall give it a 6/10... seeing that i've only watched nearly half of it...==