Reviews for "Stunt Pilot"


It's been a while since i played such a fun game... plays great, looks awsome.. very fun..Thanks

possibly one of the best games on NG

Nice one... too bad I kept dying in mid air for no reason... probably because I kept hittin the rings X D great game compared to some of the others on NG.

Just an amazing piece of work...

The game feels just right and plays beautifully. It's simple, it's fun... it's addictive. It's easily the best game I've played so far on Newgrounds.

cool stuff

that's a cool game. good simple controls and concept 5/5 10/10 even though im not that good at it. this game has really superb graphics also. good game pat yourself on the back man and to anyone who has the time-play this neat little game


Friggin AWESOME MAN!!!