Reviews for "Stunt Pilot"

nice game but...

i agree with rogerwilco, but torrente? the chain bonus is already there, cuz evry time you fly into a ring you get a +5 or +10 or even higher bonus.

what also could be in the game is that you can unlock something or an editor(perfect for this game) but nice game though, keeps you playing for a while :)

very nice

wow what a bloody good game well done on the grahpics and gameplay good and smooth and the other people are right about it its a good game! its on my top 5


just lvl 9. i hit a ring and i didnt get destroyed. good game


Nice graphics, smooth gameplay, terrific and yet simple concept

Excellent game.


Man that was hard, lol! I LOVE this game XD because of the challenge. Music is great and is a very good addition for the game to set the mood for playing. Controls are deceivingly complicated, HAHAHAH! Graphics are awesome, and the airplane's cute =3. I also like the pilot 'chuting whenever you do a mistake. Having lives/chances adds the challenge so that you'll not go the the very beginning again.

Overall, awesomely sick, creative, and boombastically addicting (is boombastic even a word? LOL!) I give you all my 10's! As Randy would say in American Idol, "YOU ROCK THE HOUSE TONIGHT!" =D

Side note: An excellent stress-reliever that's non-violent. NG should have more games like this =/.