Reviews for "Stunt Pilot"

Good game

simple yet fun

altho the chain bonus seems to be broken now

I like this game because it's so fun to play. I was at first surprised that this had such a high rating, but was pleasantly surprised to find out it really was great. The best part is probably how the graphics are so good. You would be surprised at how much variety each level has. While it could have been a little more detailed, it's still great to look at. The sounds are nice and authentic too.

There's not much else to say, because it works so well in its simplicity. It's nice to know that people don't need to make stuff that's really flashy to make it enjoyable. It's so satisfying when you get through the rings. It's even funny when the plane crashes into the road! You have a lot of control over everything.

Lol XD

I fly a plan like a drunk! XD


i love this game its the best