Reviews for "Stunt Pilot"

this game rocks

love it, very addictive


This is a very fun game to play. The controls are simple and it's challenging.

great job!!!

So fun i just cant stop playing!!! please make more like this!!

Very solid gameplay, doesn't get repetitive

When I had first tried this game, I never thought I'd like it so much. But eh, it simply kept me going and going and I realized -- hey, I'm still playing this!

As the title of my review would so kindly suggest, it's got great gameplay, which if you don't mind me saying so, is greatly enhanced when you hold down the "space" key at all times (this way you'll really get that stunt pilot feel). The levels all provide enough challenge but never enough to be get you frustrated; plus there is always that replay factor when you try going through those levitating circles by going in a sharper and more dangerous angle. Flying upside down is also a lot of fun.

The graphics - minimalistic but very suitable for this game, I like 'em. Anyways, stop wasting your time reading reviews and bloody start playing this game!


So I loved this game. All of you guys who are saying "it needed guns" "it was alright..kinda repetitive.." etc, go play the dogfight games. They're the same concept, with guns, different enemies, and even bombs in dogfight2. rocksolidgames, you sir, are a magnificent game creator, and I really look forward to future projects of yours. The controls were sensitive yes, but that just adds a whole new level of difficulty to it. A lot of different levels, and you can always strive to improve upon yourself each time playing. Bravo! Beautiful game. Keep up the good work, and all three (not including Stunt Pilot trainer, it was fun, just this one was the final version so i put it on) of your flight games are on my favorites list!