Reviews for "Stunt Pilot"


LOL, this gaym is ez, lol. Finishd it 1st time all the way thru with boost alwayz on lol.


Man that was hard, lol! I LOVE this game XD because of the challenge. Music is great and is a very good addition for the game to set the mood for playing. Controls are deceivingly complicated, HAHAHAH! Graphics are awesome, and the airplane's cute =3. I also like the pilot 'chuting whenever you do a mistake. Having lives/chances adds the challenge so that you'll not go the the very beginning again.

Overall, awesomely sick, creative, and boombastically addicting (is boombastic even a word? LOL!) I give you all my 10's! As Randy would say in American Idol, "YOU ROCK THE HOUSE TONIGHT!" =D

Side note: An excellent stress-reliever that's non-violent. NG should have more games like this =/.


This is a somewhat challenging game which makes it good and want to play over and over again.


You really have the greatest games when the category is flying.Keep it up!I like it!


Friggin AWESOME MAN!!!