Reviews for "Yiffmasters Arcanine EVO"

hello furfriend


nice to see you here YM! ^_^

Yiffmasters responds:

Thanks so much its good to be here. I have always loved Newgrounds and decided to take a stab and animation my self. I am teaching my self by trail and error. I was practicing on how to add sprites and sound clips to this animation. I hope that you will continue to give me more comments in the future so that I can improve on my animating skills.

don't stop!

This is, indeed, great art. It is a shame you can't have sex with an anthro pikachu without your penic being made of rubber. T_T

omg you should make these more often

i love your work...all those designs of the pokemon are awesome.....mmm what would arkius look like....can u design it one day=]

That's What I Call HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boy what i would do to get that pokemon ^^

Great Job!!!!!!!
Hope To See More!!!!!!


i waaaaannttt ooonnnneeee