Reviews for "Yiffmasters Arcanine EVO"


Very nice keep this up and everyone on newground will know your name!


You have just officially been the first person in 2 years to be added to my favourites, all I can say is KEEP THEM COMING. You are a legend.


very funny

it was so funny wen I first watch it.


You should try giving more pokemon the yiffmasters stone. If they only had a pokemon game like this.

Yiffmasters responds:

Thanks I will be making more animations later that feature more pokemorphs.


Seeing your style... are you sure you've never read the fanfic stories about pokegirls made by Metroanime? You depict them like no other artist!

Yiffmasters responds:

Thanks I am glad you like my take on it. I have not red any metroanime pokegirls stories. I just came up with my on Yiffmasters evo stones.