Reviews for "End of the Row"

Ain't that the truth

Animation, sound, humor, AND a lesson to be learned - it's all there and well! Very good job on this movie.


Dude, that part at the end kinda freaked me out, but very good job. Touches on a vital point of how more and more people are throwing away their future by simply not studying for college, everything in that flash was great, you really earned the front page and I'm putting this in my favorites.

Pretty cool

It's a topic that's been done a lot, but still a good animation. My computer chair ate my spine the other day, so I know the feeling. Good music, fit the flash. Good work with the sound as well, you paid attention to detail.

Very Nice flash

Loved the art it was beatiful.Nicely animated.Interesting story(even thoe i hate when some stories give some sort of a lesson lol).Good Work thoe A++!!

Nice, simple and outstanding

I liked your style, you should keep it up. It reminded me something happened to me, a nightmare I had with a math exam. You showed something real and possible (except the man-eating chair). I just liked your reflection of reality and expressive animation. Good job, keep it up!