Reviews for "End of the Row"

great ending for the ending of your degree

just wonderful


That classroom looked alot like our auditorium.
He had alot to write for someone who didn't learn for his exams. Usually those who didn't study are the first ones to get out.
And why didn't he change of chair when all the students were gone?

I still liked the animation, good lesson.

this reminds me..

of last semester when i didnt go to any of the lectures for one of my classes...and on one of the midterms, which were an hour and a half long, i showed up an hour and 15 mins late... soooo ridiculous. i mean i ended up getting a B+ on that test cause im that good, but it could've been alot worse i guess.

...so i guess thanks for making a story about slackers


very nice. yea, if your a university student, it's all about studying! bad to party write before an exam. very nice animation and good story.

yeh that was good

brilliant animation, good structure

his head kinda looks like a bell end at the beginning