Reviews for "End of the Row"

i had a nightmare

i smell first page and nice way to put the plot but i though that its was between something else but still sweet

wow im with everyone else on this one

This was obviously an awesome flash, like everybody is saying, and you definately do deserve this reward. I don't think the flash could have ben improved much more other than graphics, and even saying that is kind of stretching it. So good job.


I think just about every Newgrounds user can relate to this flash in some way.

Familiar feeling

I'm studying biomedical science and I am 3 hours away from doing the last of a very long and excruciating month of exams and this animation depicts perfectly why I failed almost all of them :-) Boy do I know how to relate. I think in a way a lot of early students await that 'click' where you pick up your books and start studying. The animation manages to capture the mood near perfectly. I like how it is dry and down to Earth without being dull. The few, subtle sound effects really helped to make it more real. All in all, great movie, hopefully that's me in the end.


at the end i thought to myself "hehe, good boy" xP