Reviews for "End of the Row"

Good animation

This was done very well. Excellent job. The only problem is that you misspelled Stephen Hawking. You had him as Steven. No worries though.

good job

nice funny and believeable story

sweet one

that was an awesome animation. as a former university/college student, i got a super laugh out of this one, talk about brilliant. i also noticed that it was for a university project as well.... hope you got a high grade on it.. especially since its on the NG front page and win an award. good work on this one.

Warning for students

This serves as a stern reminder to all of us that we should put studying abbove partying, or else our chairs will eat us.... wait O_o

Good job dude! Hope you got a good grade.

That was pretty good!

I remember the time this happened to me on an exam, being late and all, although not as bad as that guy. The whole "it was only a dream" was a nice touch.

The lesson here, ladies and germs, is to do your studying. Unless you want to get eaten by a homicidal chair.