Reviews for "End of the Row"

Enjoy it? Dude

Not only did I enjoy that, it sent me for a complete trip down memory lane about how I used to do anything but study for class. I did so poorly. :P Thanks be that I made it through in one piece and I'm even going back for more later. hahaha Good job keep more coming.


if you wrote that when i was in school, perhaps i wouldnt ....
have a sweet job testing and fixing guitar hero guitars
studying is good though. and this cartoon was excellent, really makes you think and intrigues ones perpective.
I especially like the touch with the chair and the other out of place happenings. It makes you think that it's in the animation to emphasize and project the main characters emotion, but afterwords you realize it is also in the cartoon because its a dream!
Keep up the terrific work.

You sir,

truly understand. I don't see how this could get any less than a 5/5 and a 10/10. Fluid graphics (could use a bit of detail), and a storyline that I can definitely relate to.

Amazing job


Wow...this was impressive. I also like how it had a moral. I just finished an assignment similar to this...but mine was written so no flash movie...=[

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Maybe I should have based it on your story instead =)


Youve Got Talent... that is amazing. i love the story, the art is immence, especialy the light, i love the use of personification on those chairs, the actual animation itself is very smooth , you transmitted the emotions very well, the sound is perfect.
Love to see more of your work, Favourited Artist! I ASPIRE!