Reviews for "End of the Row"

Procrastinating = bad

Man! If only they could show this to us, youngsters, at school then we would think twice before screwing up our school life like that. Say NO to parties!!... before an exam that is! Keep up this good stuff! Although a touch-up on the animation wouldn't hurt. :P

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

College life. Yeah, this flash is pretty much how it goes. Kinda scary how much I can relate to this. Good job man, good job.


i liked it.no more to say

that was great!!

Love it great freakin work
nice job mann

That was good.

That was pretty good, I enjoyed it. It had a nice lesson, and it was overall kinda funny. Maybe i'm just soft, but that was good. Too bad you didn;t get too graphic with the bed scene... LOL KIDDING.