Reviews for "End of the Row"


Just... beautiful. Well executed, well drawn, well animated. It was funny at some times while so true throughout.

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Thank you, well reviewed =).

awesome stuff man

that was damn good flash right there. one thing that got to me was that the backgrounds almost always had more detail than the characters in the forground and at times the animaton looked a bit likeliquid if that makes sence. but anyway, that was ass kicking good. :D

Andrew-Buckley responds:

A bit like liquid? Im not sure I get you.
But yes the backgrounds are a lot more detailed at times, I was orignally going to have them with more detail.

Front page material.

It's refreshing to see an animation on NG that doesn't completely rely on half-assed randomness to get a laugh out of the audience.
I think that this is a very nicely animated little piece, and I wouldn't be surprised if I saw it on the front page in the coming weeks.

Ten Stars.

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Im hoping for the same outcome.
Thank you for the stars and thanks for watching.

Really really well done

I was pleasently surpirsed at how good this was ^-^

Nice animating, good camera angles, good visuals, perfects sounds.

It was just really well done XD


Andrew-Buckley responds:

You thought it wasnt going to be very good? =P =D
Thanks for the honest review.

Just brilliant.

Wow! This proves that even a flash movie can have a conscience. The animation was fantastic and the music really helped to enhance the feel of each scene. A really professional job and I hope to see more of your work in the future.

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Thanks man, I was going for more of a short film feel.