Reviews for "End of the Row"

Story Exam Of Student.

You did great flash! This flash is about NIGHTMARE of Guy ... you have a chance :
Study or be NooB!
P.s| 10/10 (Super Great!)


Its been a real pleasure working with Author. And I am pleased to see good comments on my music as well.

I look forward to work with him again, and hoped to produce even better quality of music for him.

Matthew Harvey

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Pleasure working with you too

If you´ve been a student, this´ll catch your heart

NOTE: The first I loaded this, the PLAY button didn´t appear. If this happens to somebody else, reload it again, it is worthwhile.
Whoa... that´s what I call a brilliant movie. You really get to cram here all the student life atmosphere, the procrastination, that bitter feeling of attending an exam you are not ready for...
Maybe the drawing style is not much appealing at first, with that shaky lineart, but is really well animated, and the most important thing is that you have TOP-NOTCH storytelling skills. The pace of the story is just perfect.
This is one of the best movies I´ve seen in the last months. Congratulations, and hope to the next soon.
One last thing: Frontpage NOW.

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Thanks for that I'll check that bug out =/

Thanks for the awesome review


10 stars

good work and all that.

what kind of beer was he drinkin?

Andrew-Buckley responds:

It'd be cheap beer so probably EB's.


Everything about this is superb, a good story idea, fantastic animation with subtle but well chosen music and sounds. Well done on the flash, I can't wait for more.

Andrew-Buckley responds:

thank you, i cant wait to make more =D