Reviews for "End of the Row"

Wow... simply wow.

The animation was so fluid and original, plus the plot sucked me in and absorbed me. Very rare now to see such a good flash

I really enjoyed this animation.

I liked the way it was made. The camera angles, if you can call it camera, were very cinematic. Had good cinematography i guess you'd say. And i loved the lack of dialogue, mostly sounds. But my only semi-false opinion is that i wish it ended without the backtrack. The chair thing would have been a crazy ending. But that's just me. haha, everyone has their reasons in storytelling. This is great stuff.

Sehr gut!

Although I am not sure why you have used Frankfurt, when you live in Australia.

The quality was decent and reminds me of my exams. Perfect!

Same thing happened to me

Haha! Man this movie was talking directly to me. Last semester I missed 2 and a half hours of my 3 hour exam, and I hadn't studied at all! One of the worst days of my life. The part where he was at the test and when he was checking his grade, I felt the same way. You did a great job of animating the dread.


So this movie touched my heart... It reminds me of last semester lol except I decided to study in the first place while my friends were out partyin =( lol good movie!