Reviews for "End of the Row"

I liked it.

This was very well done on a lot of levels. You got a lot of humanity in here nice job.


Flowed nicely and I followed everything I believe you intended. I verbally said "Wait what?" when the chair brushes off the beer. Chairs devouring people, that is the scary thought.
Nicely done and I like it :D.

Very good

A beautiful story combining with a beautiful animation, footnote 5.

Congratulations on animation!

very good

I really liked it .It is almost my life...


I don't believe it's possible for any college student to not relate to this movie. It's so true to life, that feeling of dread, that everything's going wrong, that nothing you do will ever change the fact that you screwed up and now you're gonna fail. And the way in which it's done in this movie is just brilliant. Things falling apart, nothing going right, a true to life (hmm...) nightmare. And then those terrifying, looming chairs. It's just all-too-perfect, the atmosphere and the feeling involved in watching this, because, as I said, it's all too true. And it's all accompanied by superb animation, so smooth, so clear, so concise. This is more like a short film than most of the flash movies I've seen, and that's a real treat. It was an amazing experience, enhanced by the fact that I, myself, am about to return to school... Brilliant.