Reviews for "End of the Row"

great work

it was kool how ure loss of audio made it funnier like dialoug :D

Well well made :)

Thank you for sharing it... not the sort of thing you tend to find on newgrounds which is cool! Does give the impression that you can learn an entire course the evening before an exam though!

great ending for the ending of your degree

just wonderful

Awesome movie dude!

Really nice...Keep on the good works!

Wow A+++

That was impressive! I noticed you are from australia too which gives you bonus points from me (WOOO plus its Australia day YEAH!!), though its not like you need any bonus points with animation like that!! 10/10 all round from me.

By the way where do you or did you study? I'm about to go study at Wollongong for my first year. I hope to do something like this for one of my projects later on during my studies.

Anyway Great animation with a really well delivered message. Hopefully I'll learn from this and study hard... *Cough* DOUBT IT *Cough*