Reviews for "End of the Row"

Right aound my math exam too

Man your entance to the short was aweosme, see that kind of thing in almost all the Harry Potter movies, starts in the sky, the theme music plays, the HARRY POTTER thing appears and then it scrolls down to his home.

Your tablet drawing skills are great it showed in all your backgrounds but your character seemed vary rough compared to it. I also didn enjoy the character animation but it was FBF so ill give you that much. However your story did have its high points, it was original and came in time for my exams so Its kind of ironic I never studied for my Math class and ended up failing (at least i think I did)

however ... umm yeah it was cool so Ill give you 9 and 5

SNEAKZ the new king of reviewers

not what I traditionaly watch but....

it was good. just goes to show you, study or the chairs will eat you XD


Interesting, I like the story and everything, what made me laugh was the part in the car and he had to cross the road, I have to do that to get anywhere and it sucks. I kind of knew he was dreaming, so I wasn't really to into it as I would be if the happenings weren't so suspicious. I meen his desk broke, and the teacher shrugged it off. All in all good job though.

nice movie

nice story, it was a lot of fun to watch, and it has agood story 9/10 cuz it was a little short and all of the things that were happening at the test seemed a little too suspicious and i thought he was dreaming... good thogh


Thats like a perfect flash of my life. Damn I need to start handing projects in.
The Flash was very nice! Your FBF skills are awesome! I just loved the style of characters and the colouring you used. Great flahs man!