Reviews for "End of the Row"

Wow interesting...

Wish I could stay, but I still have an exam to write (lol). Great flash.


Great Concept, one that is seen too often, and is made porley alot of the times.
But you have made that one concept into a Smoth Flowing, True, Animation!!!
And nothing at a worse time for me, i should prob study or my chair might consume me!

Great Work, keep it up! If i could i would give you a 15 / 10


Great graphics and a great message to all the first year uni/collage kids. The graphics where amazing (worth repeating) can't wait for the next!


Great graphix, great animation and great consignment x] Just great movie xD


It is amazing how, having a math test tomorrow myself, this flash has inspired me to pick up my books again. Thanks, the animation was lovely.