Reviews for "End of the Row"

Great Job

A very important topic and well covered - gives hope that it is never too late for students to wise up and grow up without wasting away their very fortunate educational opportunity

Hard work payed off

Well, I must say this was quite an enjoyable viewing experience. By the end of the movie I kind of forgot that it was a flash made by a non-pro, I suppose that's a good thing. Let's start with the animation: Some parts are great and I love how you payed attention to details like writing an SMS message in the cellphone, stuff like that; I am not really a huge fan of the character animation itself but it serves it's purpose, not bad. The music fits in well and gives that Oh-I'm-Late-I-Shouldn't-Be-Doing-This feeling. I could identify with the story in some way and I find it to be nice.

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Yeah my animation technique isnt the best but its getting better. The composer did a great job for me and it only took him 2 days.


I think just about every Newgrounds user can relate to this flash in some way.

At last a meaning in a Flash!

Great animation, and a flash finally has a meaning! Long Live Flash Meanings! 5/5!


Good to see a flash with with a meaning behind it. Great animation.