Reviews for "Mystic Island"


Nicely animated and well done sort of killer movie for how long it was. "Bullet train to hell, now boarding", that's one heck of a quote.

I was wondering how you do Russian Roulette with a Bernetta-like pistol, since it doesn't work like a revolver would? I couldn't figure that one out and felt alittle weird to me... o.0


I of the Ep. in one short story!


good story.. the sounds was crapy and the graphic was .... Not super good but OK.. But I liked the story even if u took it from a serie. so A 7

Let me get this straight:
Your making Sam look like Ben 10
and Dennis looks a bit fine
Norm, looks like a bald headed freak which scares the crap out of me

I better go back to the stick figure series of Mystic Island, i just want to forget about this....


I gave you a low score because the voice acting was... well... It was horrible... Not only that but it felt as if you were "rushing" the whole serious and trying to cram it all into one small flash animation... I dunno... thats only what i think. Anyways I do see some potential in your flash animations just keep working at it and im sure you'll make a wonderful flash one day ^.^