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Reviews for "Confinement +"

Good concept, short, but good nonetheless

I'm still trying to exact the meaning behind this flash, but I kinda get the general idea. 45s long is almost too short, regardless of how simple the idea is behind the flash. Btw, good use of background music. Very fitting.


hey you copycat i suppose you are gonna delete this but ima gonna write it anyway you stole that idea from droidz.org its a site for the program pivot and you totaly copied the whole idea eaven the moves he does and the angles ony its with macromedia and not pivot but still excelent work the clip is very well done !

Liquidsword responds:

I am the owner of droidz and those animations are mine. You should look into things more before you make a claim as serious as that. This is not a new idea of mine, Ive done it before in pivot (a stickfigure animation program) aswell. However, in pivot, it doesnt get across aswell as in flash.

so many different interpretations

there are so many ways to interpret this animation, my guess is that no matter how free you are at any point in time, life and reality will come back and lock you back down. I don't know if that is what this flash means, but that's what I got from it, and it certainly seems true to me in real life

Liquidsword responds:

Same for me.

a or b

I think i've narrowed it down to two possibilites, a. It's a statement about solipism and how freedom is all in the mindstate, you could be in the tiniest box but feel as free as an eagle had you the will power. or b. You could be mistakenly thinking your free when the entire sky youve been flying in is just a small box. either way, great animation

Liquidsword responds:

That second meaning is a really interesting take on it.

Hi jon

I did not understand your animation, call me stupid or whatever. It had excelent quality and it was beautifuly executed but it was not very entretaining, wich I think is the weak point of this flash.

However, you have a very defined style. And I loved your credits. VERY original credits indeed

Liquidsword responds:

Oh cool. I know not everyone will get anything out of it. Atleast then maybe the animation itself will offer something to them. Thanks man.