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Reviews for "Confinement +"


It was very surreal, like you said, but avtually quite good for such a short flash. But i htought it was very good and creative(some how).

Confinement +

what's the "+" for? nice animation and message too.and seems to be true too...

Liquidsword responds:

I did it on an older animation because the name was already taken. It kinda caught on. Thanks


excellent. that was great, i hope i dont insult anyone when i say. "so much for white men can't jump!) i loved the animation style and every thing went very smoooth

ok cool

I am not into these kind of movies, but you showed effort in it and other ppl who understand it, liked it.
so yeah, keep on the good work:)


its like the abstract idea of thinking out side of the box, only to realize your still in it

Liquidsword responds:

I like the fact that people seem to have different ideas on what it means. Like that, its not really what I was going for, but it makes total sense.