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Reviews for "Confinement +"

Chip's here :D

Way to go Jon, front page!

My My

i just don't know how to rate this it's very different which means you get points for originality and the artwork flows well with the concept of flying free and having many possibilities only to be confined by society's standards and what people say is or is not possible (that's my take) um... very meaningful i can only take points off for the art and because i personally did not enjoy it much (meh watcha gonna do about) and the art is really works with the concept therefore i give you a 8 because you still have room for improvement but it was very well made so cheers on front page my man you deserve it (specially since it's deep and not comical which is the majority of front page)

So that was pretty fackin' sweet.

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^That's odd, dontcha' think Jon? :P

Anyways, it was a nice flash rendition, and congrats. Keep doing flash, but don't forget your pivot roots, to your tree of animation.

That was so gay.

Liquidsword responds:

feg. Thanks cheese. I still use pivot. Animation is animation to me.


You know, I bet that if you gave this to my English teacher, she would analyze it to DEATH. What does the flying mean, what does the box mean, why does it all happen... Basically, you've created something with more meaning behind it than we ever really need, and that's not a bad thing by any stretch.

I loved the art style and the music. Still, I would have liked to have seen more before the end. For example, flying someplace exotic or changing shape or something, I dunno.

Damon here

Congrats on the front page man. Im amazed.

Liquidsword responds:

Thanks Damon.