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Reviews for "Confinement +"


I could tell it was meaningful to you and for that I gave you like an extra 2 points cus the animation wasn't great and make sure not to have your breathing in the mic when you talk (yes I know it was a guy sighing but even through that you had to much breath). So maybe have better ending and graphics and music and voices.

Liquidsword responds:

"it was a guy sighing"
k. I see your point though.

Thanks for the insight. I hope to improve with every animation.


Freedom. Lol 10/10 Really Good, and yea you should do more in Flash. http://www.droidz.org/pivots/freedom.

Liquidsword responds:

oh cool, you found my pivot version. Thanks

Very, very nice animation...

It was like you said, very metaphoric. I liked it, the animation style was pretty neat too. You should animate more in flash, you're really good.

What a mind can do!

I got the feeling of this guy is trapped from the beginning, but his mind takes him to far away places. Until he remembers where he is. I could be completely wrong on your actual message, but that is what I got. Very powerful!

Mental Stoner

it was amazing

but when the guy hit the ground in that little box or whatever, the sound it made was really loud

Liquidsword responds:

aww whats wrong with cracking bones? lol thanks.