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Reviews for "Confinement +"


a little short, but i like the end


I can completely see the meaningful bit. That's something that everyone should understand. I loved that. Did you really do the music though? You should consider making some techno, man. You apparently have a lot of talent. :) The animation was good, but not really my style. I'll give you full points cause that was awesome.

Liquidsword responds:

Yes I have done some music from time to time, not really my main thing. I would submit some to the portal, but they banned me from it, apparently... Thanks for the kind score.

"Positivity, tasty"

Hmm yes Ima Likin the positivity. It was really nice and meaningful as you said yourself, but the person didnt look lifelike at all....maybe if you had added a little more detail or not. Understand your comment but he was kinda too bland too represenative for me. Like to see more of the little message flashes....makes me wanna fly now....or even more.

Very nice!

Nice twist at the end there. Unfortunately it was guy mostly flying and not seeming to be worried about too much. The whole thing was very smooth though, but it just didn't seem to pull me in.


It was cool and very well animated but, i dont get the "meaningful" part