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Reviews for "Confinement +"

Nicely Done

I like the simple, minimilast approach, bu i still feel that the same effect could have been achieved with just a little more vitality injected into the background. I think tooo that it could easily tolerate being slowed down a little, its all over so quickly.. Idiots who dont get? Thats no reason to dismiss it, the whole point of a peice of art is that what i get from it, may very well not be what was intended to come across, the point is i got something! However i thought it was a great sentiment, and nicely done, just a couple things i thought might immprove it, 4/5

Liquidsword responds:

Thanks for the level headed review.

really good flash, i liked your concepts

and if you dont like the movie for no other reason than it isn't your type of movie...HERE's A BRAND NEW WAY OF THINKING...don't write a review moron

could have done better =S

this could be a lot better i got a bit bored through it but the animation is good i liked the end part overall not really what i like =S


What defines art?
Could this be considered art?
The flash medium is capabul of some really cool things, and i think art is not just something that hangs on a wall, or sits on a pedistal. Were getting to the point where video games could be art. I say this is art, it has a deeper meaning than what is apparent.

Liquidsword responds:

wow, thanks.

hang in there

I've been reading some reviews and i felt i just had to say this...
screw the anatomy , i mean come on first of all it is set in a fantastic scenario... a surreal world where u can fly, he could have 3 arms and not even a pelvis or a square skull so thats the last thing you should worry about oh and lets not talk about the "anatomy" of almost every flash here come on!. Now i know a lot of anatomy but i can fuck it up if needed and NO its not like oh i cant draw a decent human body... what im trying to say is that... this is flash fuck it.
Now on the other hand... the colors are other story but i'll just say not all the clouds are the same color nor the sky or anything but then again u might ok screw u so ill just end this review like a normal one.

It all ran very smooth, well done but hmm perhaps a lil short or could use
that short length to improve the quality of the background, colors and that kinda stuff. ok whatever im gonna eat now aaaaaah
ah yea
4/5 and screw those who hate it cuz didnt get it
so easy yet so hard
like so close
yet so far
afgh damn ok bye, take care