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Reviews for "Confinement +"

is it?

after graduation, moving out to college, getting high for years then slowly falling in to a rut in thier life subsequently thinking they have a recreational drug problem making the situation even more difficult to remember

Liquidsword responds:

Is that what you got out of it?


and I quote the person below me

"kinda meaningless"
by: 555spyder
date: 35 minutes ago

it was kinda redundant i knew tht guy was gonna end up in somplace small in the end"

interesting......... can't say that I agree with that person......
.... in fact they should watch the movie and think about their place right now.....

kinda meaningless

it was kinda redundant i knew tht guy was gonna end up in somplace small in the end

Liquidsword responds:

My bad for giving it a name that made sense...

Very interesting and deserving of its slot.

This is a refreshing display of artistic talent. I'm sure it was interesting to make and that you put your back into it. I feel that there could have been a better delivery somehow but I can't say where. good luck and thanks for sharing.
*~t3h C.

Liquidsword responds:

No problem, and thanks for watching it and reviewing it.

Pretty good.

I liked the basic storyline and the music. I thought that the amimation ran smoothly through the whole thing, but I thought that the character could have been more detailed. Also, I thought that it could have been a bit longer.