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Reviews for "Fruitapella (NAC)"

Not bad

I thought the first part of this was good but the second part was weaker. Right after the pause the sound seemed like it was clashing for a bit and then rhythm wasn't strong enough after that. I think this song might be used on clock day haha. If I had a working mic I might have been inspired by this to make a last minute entry. Hopefully the redesign makes it easier for these competitions to be advertized and followed.

F-Meister responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! I had just come back from a jazz festival and found out about this competition so I just made this on the fly just before the deadline. The second half was an afterthought (the singing was an on the spot improv done in a single take!) cos I didn't really know how to end the whole fruity bossa nova thing :D

NAC Judging

Pretty lively vocal performance haha timings were off here and there. The percussive part was a bit annoying, especially the CHECK part or whatever hehe but the recording quality was cool. I rather hated how the voice samples were triggered instead of sang, as horribly shown in the middle of the song before you start singing. But still a great effort, sounds like you gave it your all, especially with the main singing voice haha

F-Meister responds:

hahaha glad you liked it! Actually, the voice samples were "DURIAN" for the kick drum, "PEAR" for the snare, and "CHERRY" for the hihats. I guess it does get quite annoying after a while but I just wanted to hear what actual words would sound like as percussive instruments as opposed to the tried and trusted "DOOSH" "PHSHHHH" and "CHKK" sounds that a drumkit would make.

.... wow

nice job i wouldnt have ever expected to hear something like this
in the beginning i dont think it connected all together to well but that got better as the song went

F-Meister responds:

Cheers :D

Great idea!

This is really innovative, you're a genius!

F-Meister responds:

Thank you for noticing :p

Really amazing catchy tune!