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Reviews for "Stickicide 3!"

A really good "Stick" addition to NG...

It was nice to have something that was interactive... my complaint seems to be shared by some of the others that I read of their reviews! I thought that it could have used more deaths, & that the timer was a bit lengthy!

But on the positive side of things... I know it must've taken you awhile to produce this, & I wouldn't want you to think that your fruits of labor hadn't paid off! It was an extremely good interface... the graphics were top notch, as Stick submissions go! I liked the blur effect (tweening) of the catapult launch! Well executed deaths were a plus! I liked the music (until it became repetitive)! All in all, one of the best Stick Flashes I've seen recently!

I have a request: If it isn't too difficult to do... maybe you should consider for another Flash like this one, adding a "Bubble Map" (kindof GTA style), so that people could navigate your playing field easier! I.e. be able to see their position relative to the "traps", so as to not have to run blindly through it! Just a thought...


7.boxing glove
10.giganto saw-blade
11.evil green stickman
12.falling to death
14. car
15.giant bomb

It was Pretty awesome

I loved all the suicides especially the one where the green stick goes hyper Bloody Kung Fu on you

Pure Genios

i got a freaking score of 15260
Rank: A
Mr. bunny


I really liked this game. It was amusing and calmed me down a bit. Nice work with this one.