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Reviews for "Stickicide 3!"

very good!

i found this game entertaining and amusing so all i had a problem with was the music but it didnt really matter to me so keep up the good work.


SWEEET!!! I been wating for this!

Very nice game

I was around when the first two came out, and I was a fan of them too.
I was excited when I saw your name come up on the portal again! Very good game, definatley stepped up the quality since the last one.
There are some familiar deaths, which are nice to see, along with some new original ones. My favorite was the little green guy. Although I did only find him once.

Overall, great game. Good choice of music. Excellent animationas always.
Keep it up, hope to see more of you around here this year.

My score when I played was 13160

not bad

i liked it but got kinda boring pretty fast. i mean you had a pretty diverse selection but it was hard getting to the one you liked. also i wasnt sure what the whole point of the game was. suicide abviosly but the point system and the little bar at the bottom messed me up.


very addictive