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Reviews for "Stickicide 3!"

Nice but

i found a bug at some point i got spawned with a fire to my left i jumped over the fire and walked into a saw then the stick figure just disappeared but the time kept running and all the other animations kept going to.. anyways great game except for the bug ;)

good but...

needs more things to die on and when it said press space to enter a vehicle it should be more than just 1 vehicle

Wass cool.

I liked it.Many ways to die,very bloody.........just great.


To get a good score

Guns= No
Being Punch=yes
car and rocket=YES!
Green dude=YES!
Every thing that takes a while,fire,falling,Catupult

and not to get smushed by that thing just jump your vase by it good if you want BIG points
Good game like your work by the way needs a nuke tho 1000 points but has a 5sec count down

how were there 3 of these?

seriously. what is the point of making 1 of these games? let alone 3 of them, a movie of a bunch of stick figures in some kinda death factory trying to get out and dying these ways would have been funnier and better. the only choices you have in this game are which way to turn, then you just run in a straight line until something kills you, not very amusing after the first 20 seconds