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Reviews for "Stickicide 3!"

Stickicide 4?

guys did u find the alien or its kinda look like hulk cool game :D

Better than the 1st one. Lol you should have a one that doesn't have any time limit.

its funny when u fall and u go in the chainsaw thingy


I only game it 9/10 becuase there's a few things missing like for us to view the scoreboard and a level editor and maybe some other ways to die maybe some humor like dieing from a giant cheese grater did I spell that right and maybe getting eaten by a dog or even a monster or maybe even quicksand or drowning are dieing of bad smell or having to eat something bad or even pirahnas and sharks and nukes and slipping and samurai's and rocket launchers and so on

also reply and tell me if you're making a new stickicide game and can you put some of these in