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Reviews for "A life to live"


Hey! You have good stuff here ^.^ Good job. I never listen to Techno much but thought I would give it a try with your stuff lol. Its really good. Was this made using FL? If so good job man. Not to many are able to make it sound as good as you can. Keep it up ^.^

~Feral Blade

Redse7en responds:

Actually yes, Most of it is from FL but I used Magix Music Maker 10 for the beat. Ill be workin all weekend!

Quite nice ^^

I do believe this should have been in Trance.

Do I hear some shores in the background? If I do, you should have made that louder, would have made the image in listeners minds more inviting.

You made this piece a year ago, yet it is quite catchy, to think you commanded this kind of skill that long back, you bastard. now I KNOW I must kill you for my dark lord Musicalatan. He will give me your skills.

Great leads, great synths, very awesome sounding.

I have really no suggestions to making this better, one of your old pieces, surely a classic. Nice.

5/5 from me Redse7en.

Redse7en responds:

I have problems understanding where some of my songs go because theres not many people who do it like I do. I've been trying to understnad lately though :P

No shores in the background. It's actually a hard reverb on a synth I had which gave it that effect. I, at the time though didn't know what to make of this song. It didn't give me a mental image like my other ones do except the second melody which reminded me of a field of flowers or something. This song was acutally one beat that I used to test out many different melodies and synths. I worked on it so long that it wasn't all that bad in the end so I sent it here :D Thank you so much for your insight on this song. Reviews on older pieces still help me understand what my main goal is.

~Justin Powell
Red 7

Belongs in trance.

A nice and soft lead, lots of cool bits too. A decent track. I can't point out any improvments, so all i can really say is to keep at it!

Give us a review on one of my techz ;) eh eh
~ X-Digital

Redse7en responds:

Thanks! Ill be writing my reviews tomorrow :)

It's an older song but for some reason just sticks in mind a lot. It's very peaceful despite being repetitive.

Redse7en responds:

Thanks :) I find myself going back every once in a while to listen to my stuff and this one always stands out to me too. I'll be the first to admit that I'm the worst when it comes to repetitive songs. My new stuff is just as repetitive, but then again I don't put nearly as much time into writing any more.

Thanks for the review! Hope you got some new stuff for me to check out!

Good solid tune

Catchy chord progression, enjoyable sounds and synths, sounds like alot of used loops though, if not then swell job on the percussion. If so t hats alright, I just kinda appreciate a homemade beat a little more. Still you put it all together.

Make some more.

Redse7en responds:

Yea I used both music maker 10 and fl studios. At the time I made this I felt it was origional but now going back I agree with you based on my newer songs. All the melodies though were made custom on fl. Thanks for reviewing one of my older works. It definately helps me out in the future :D

Justin Powell
~Red 7